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It's getting cold out, and in Central Oregon, that means it's coat weather again! I am actively involved in the Deschutes Family Recovery Drug Court program. This is an amazing program and challenging opportunity for parents charged with drug/alcohol use to get clean, get their kids back from State custody or learn more productive ways to parent and to get back on track to lead productive lives. I FULLY support this program!

With that being said, these Deschutes County Family Drug Court clients have kids, and there is a list below of NEW jackets still needed. Please join me again, as we kick off the 5th year, in providing the Deschutes County Family Drug Court program kiddo's with new jackets for this winter!Please donate a (new) youth size, boy or girl (specific needs list below) during October. Coats will be distributed  in early November 2018!

IMPORTANT!!  When choosing a child to donate for, PLEASE email us the child #
(LIST BELOW) to,  or text that information to 541-728-6933 so we can update the list ASAP, and don't receive duplicate coats (kiddo #). The list below will be updated as donations come in.

Please drop off your youth size NEW coat at:

Pack, Ship & More at Wagner Mall location: 1900 NE 3rd Street, Bend. NOTE: Please write the # of the child you are donating for on the store tag (or a note in the pocket) in large lettering so we know which kiddo it's for. :)

Thank you, and WARM Blessings to all!!
Tery Adams
The Paralegal Beagle

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Koats for Kidz 2017 List


Thank you so much!


Kid# Name Age/Size Gender

#1     ISABELLA V. 7/Size 8 Girl - DONATED

#2     AMELIA V. 5/Size 6 Girl - DONATED

#3     DAKOTAH V.               2/Size 3T Boy- DONATED 

#4             KEEDAN R. 3/Size 4T Boy - DONATED

#5     BRIANNA O.    15/Size Wms. Sm. Girl - DONATED

#6     KAYLIE O. 14/Size 14-16 Girl - DONATED

#7     JOCLYN O. 7/Size 8 Girl - DONATED

#8     CASHTEN W. 3/Size 4T Boy - DONATED

#9      HARPER W. 5/Size 6 Girl -DONATED

#10      GEORGE G. 9/Size 10-12 Boy- DONATED

#11      AYDIN R. 3/Size 3T Boy - DONATED 

#12      ANDRE W. 9/Size 10-12 Boy - DONATED

#13      CARLY D. 5/Size 6-8 Girl - DONATED

#14      JUAN R. 8/Size 8-10 Boy- DONATED

#15      EMMA R. 7/Size 8 Girl- DONATED

#16      GABRIEL R. 5/Size 6 Boy- DONTED

#17      ABBY J. 10/Size 10-12 Girl - DONATED

#18      BRASON O. 3/Size 4T Boy- DONATED

#19       DOMINIK O. 9/Size 10-12 Boy -DONATED

#20       STACI O. 12/Size 12-14 Girl- DONATED

#21       BRITTA S. 12/Size 12-14 Girl- DONATED

#22       CHARLIE S. 1/Size 2T Girl- DONATED

#23       ORIAN G. 11/Size 12-14 Girl- DONATED

#24       ROBBIE G. 14/Size 14-16 Boy-DONATED

#25       SKY W. 5/Size 6 Girl-DONATED

#26       GIOVANNA S. 4/Size 5 Boy - DONATED

#27       VICTORIA S. 10/Size 16-18 Girl - DONATED

#28       HUDSON H. 4/Size 5-6 Boy- DONATED

#29       BLAKELY G. 7/Size 8-10 Girl- DONATED

#30       BEAU G. 1/Age 2T Boy- DONATED

#31       GIOVANNA G. 5/Size 6 Boy- DONATED

#32       GABRIELLA L. 5/Size 6 Girl - DONATED

#33       KOBE C. 10/Size 12 Boy- DONATED

#34       RYDER I. 3 Mos./9-12 mos. Boy - DONATED 

#35       KAILYNN D. 4/Size 5-6 Girl - DONATED